Grainger 32ft Trailable Trimaran


Meet the Boat

She is easy to sail in race mode or cruise mode


LOA 10m, Beam 8m, Weight 2t

Design - 3 rudders, high volume AMAs, Canting Rig = POWER


Tony Grainger says it is one of his best designs ever

Construction - Full Carbon = LIGHT & STRONG


If you want to know about the potential or build quality of this boat - ask any multihull sailor - She is well known!

Beautifully Designed and Built

Rig and Sails


Carbon Canting Rig Built in USA & 

a Full Wardrobe of Racing Sails



Simple fitout, 6 bunks, full head room, timber floor, small kitchen, carbon features 



Pack her up and take her around the country - Hamilton Island here I come!

Price $115k AUD

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 1st 2001 Multihull Rendevous Regatta - 1st 2001 Southern Ocean Multihull Regatta - 1st 2001 Victorian Trailable Multihull Championships - 1st 2001 National Multihull Championships - 1st 2002 Hogsbreath Regatta - 1st 2002/2005 Australian Trailable Multihull Championships - 1st 2002 Lock Crowther Memorial Regatta - 1st 2002 Australian Multihull Offshore Championships - 1st 2003-2009, 2011 Airlie Beach Race Week - 1st 2003-04, 2006, 2008-09, 2011 Multihull OMR National Titles - 1st 2003 Queensland Multihull Championships – 1st 2003 Bay to Bay Race – 1st 2004/2009 Surf to City Race – 1st 2004 SORC Series Overall Mooloolaba -1st 2004-2006 St. Helena Cup – 1st 2005-2006 Gilligan's Island Ocean Race – 2nd 2007 Multihull OMR National & State Titles - 1st 2007 Kingfisher Day/Night series